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Partner FAQ
Partner FAQ

Answers to common questions and helpful guides for existing partners

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Ratings FAQ
How can I add a new vehicle to my account?
How can I add a new chauffeur to my account?
What is the best way to contact my market manager?
Who should I contact if I have questions about my account?
How do I record extras for a pickup?
How can I update my chauffeur and vehicle info?
How do I reset my password?
How can I update my partner account information?
What should I do if my app is unresponsive or working improperly?
I have questions about payment, what should I do?
What should I do when I receive an incident information request?
What should I do when a document expires?
How are ratings generated and how can I check mine?
Assisting guests with access requirements
When will I receive my 1099 form?
I can’t see any rides in the auction system- what should I do?
Why do chauffeurs have to have location services on to use the app?
How does Blacklane use a chauffeur’s location data?
Chauffeur Hailing FAQ
What is the No-Show policy?
What is the cancellation policy?
In-app guest chat FAQ
Which option should I choose when opening a chat?
What is the give-back policy?
What should I do if a document is rejected?
What should I wear when performing a Blacklane ride?
How can I upload my profile picture?
How much luggage can I transport safely for a guest?
How do I upload a new company document?
How do I use the offers screen?
How do ride filter options work?
What does the profile screen do?
The 60 minute prior pick up button
The planned and finished rides screens
Should I accommodate guests travelling with animals?
How to give back a ride in the Chauffeur App
What do the chauffeur permissions mean?
Contacting help teams via chat
Submit a complaint
How can I remove a chauffeur or vehicle from my account?
How can I check which documents I need to provide?