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How do I record extras for a pickup?
How do I record extras for a pickup?

Waited longer than expected for a guest or been asked to make a route change? Just let us know!

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If you need to know how to review rides, including adding extras such as waiting time, additional kilometres, or extending an hourly booking, check out the videos below as we steer you through the process.

If you have performed extra waiting time, kilometres, or extended an hourly booking, you will see the pop-up screen once you have pressed the “Finish ride” button in your BL for Chauffeurs app. To review your finished ride in the app, please fill in all information about any extras. There are some helpful guidelines listed below, so please make sure to check them out too!

How to review airport and train station transfers

How to review standard transfer rides

How to review hourly rides

Remember: When you extend an hourly booking, remember to fill in the total duration of the ride in the "Total ride duration" field. The extra time is measured in 30-minute intervals. For example, if you drove 3 hours and 20 minutes for a ride that was supposed to only last 3 hours, then please select 3.5 hours in the “Total ride duration” field.

How to review rides in the partner portal


For extra waiting time: The system automatically calculates the waiting time based on your app usage. It's important that you press the buttons correctly and promptly as you can’t edit the calculated waiting time after you finish the ride.

For extra kilometres: Fill in the total distance of your finished ride, including the original distance of the ride. For example, if you drove 25 kms for a ride that was supposed to be only 20 kms, then write 25 kms in the “Distance” field.

Reason for the addition: This field is mandatory when you submit your review. Please make sure to thoroughly explain the reason for the extra waiting time, kilometres, etc. If you have reported extra kilometres, please make sure that you mention any guest-requested addresses that were different from the original booking details.

*Please note that extras will not be considered in cases where a route is taken which involves more distance but reduces travel time.

Always remember that the review needs to be submitted to Blacklane at the latest 24 hours after the ride was finished, otherwise Blacklane will not be able to pay you for the extras.

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