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How to give back a ride in the Chauffeur App
How to give back a ride in the Chauffeur App

If you are unable to perform a ride, please return it as soon as possible

Updated over a week ago

If you cannot perform a ride that you previously accepted, you must let Blacklane know that you are no longer able to fulfill the booking.

If you need to give back a ride and it is more than 6 hours before the pick up time, you must do this via the app.

Note: You must have the ‘Dispatcher’ permission assigned to perform this function. If you do not have this permission, ask a colleague in your company who does to return the ride for you.

How to give back a ride using the Blacklane Chauffeur app:

1. Go to the Planned rides tab and select
the ride you want to give back

2. Click the extras tab and choose

'Give ride back'

3. Select the reason you need to give

back the ride and press 'Confirm'

4. Confirmation of the give back will appear

at the bottom of the screen

5. You will also receive confirmation by email

that the ride has been given back.

Remember, if the ride is due to begin in less than 6 hours you will be unable to return the ride via the app, and should contact the Partner Care team by chat instead.

More information about the give back policy can be found here.

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