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How can I add a new chauffeur to my account?
How can I add a new chauffeur to my account?

Need an extra pair of hands or just found the perfect team mate? Adding a new chauffeur to your existing account couldn't be easier.

Updated over a week ago

Go to the chauffeur tab in your partner portal and click 'Add chauffeur'.

Once the chauffeur's details have been added and their permissions selected, they will receive an email inviting them to create a password and complete the chauffeur training.

In your chauffeur list their status will be set to 'On hold'. In order to proceed with their registration, please click 'Details' and then switch to the Documents tab. Upload each requested document, making sure to include the expiry date if requested.

When we have received the documents and the chauffeur has completed the training, their profile will be set live and they can start performing rides. Provided we can approve the documentation first time round, this process will normally take 2-3 working days, and we'll let you know by email when everything is ready to go.

The final stage in the process of adding a new chauffeur is the activation call. An activation call is when a member of the partner operations team reaches out to a new Blacklane chauffeur by phone to verify their profile has been activated and confirm some basic training elements, standards and guidelines. The call will also give the chauffeur the opportunity to ask any questions they might have and clarify any processes and policies which are unclear to them.

Please ask chauffeurs newly added to Blacklane to expect a short five minute call from one of our team in the near future.

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