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What is the No-Show policy?
What is the No-Show policy?

More information on what to do when a guest doesn't show up

Updated over a week ago

If a guest does not show up after the included waiting time has passed and you are unable to wait longer, then you must contact Blacklane to request a no-show before the no-show can be approved.

Blacklane will attempt to contact the guest and if Blacklane confirms that the guest no longer needs the ride then you will be paid the full fare for the ride.

If Blacklane is unable to confirm that the guest is no longer in need of the ride, the no-show will be approved and you will be paid a percentage of the full fare based on how long you waited for the guest. Details of payment percentage and additional wait times can be found below:


(% of total fare)

WT (Minutes)


Included wait time


Included wait time + 20


Included wait time + 40


Included wait time + 60


Included wait time + 90

*Note in order to receive the percentage of fare you need to wait the full amount of additional wait time. So you receive 60% of the fare once you have waited an additional 20 minutes and this increases to 70% only when you have waited an additional 40 minutes over the included wait time.

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