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Submit a complaint
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Submitting a complaint to us

  1. Click below to start filling out your complaint.

  2. Select a topic, enter the details of your complaint, and let us know who should be the point of contact for it. The more detailed information you include, the easier it will be for us to solve the issue.

  3. Click Send.

Our complaint handling process

  • We’ll confirm receipt of your complaint via email, and provide you with more info about the process and what you can expect for the next steps.

  • We’ll also send you regular updates on the progress of your complaint.

  • A member of our team may contact you if we need more info about your complaint.

  • We’ll let you know what the outcome of your complaint is as soon as we resolve it.

You can reply to your case handler via the email, with your response to the offered resolution.

Please note that this mechanism is not intended to provide feedback, but rather to provide a free internal complaint system to encourage out-of-court resolution of disputes.

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