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How can I add a new vehicle to my account?
How can I add a new vehicle to my account?

Whether you are updating your fleet or have just found your dream vehicle, we've got you covered.

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Click the vehicle tab in your partner portal and click 'Add vehicle'.

Add the details of the vehicle you wish to add. Please bear in mind that based on the city you operate in, only accepted models, production years and vehicle colours will be available from the drop down tabs. The service class will be applied automatically based on the model selected.

In your vehicle list the newly added vehicle’s status will be set to 'On Hold'. To proceed with its registration, please click 'Details' and then switch to the Documents tab. Upload each requested document, making sure to include the expiry date if requested.

When we have received the documents and everything has been approved, job done! We will be able to activate the vehicle, which can then be assigned to rides immediately. Provided we can approve the documentation first time round, this process will normally take 2-3 working days, and we'll let you know by email when everything is ready to go.

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