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Should I accommodate guests travelling with animals?
Should I accommodate guests travelling with animals?

Conditions for the transportations of pets and service animals

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At all times, we should do our best to accommodate guests. However, there may be circumstances where it is not possible to perform a ride if the guest is travelling with an animal.

Guests are advised at the time of booking to include special requests or notes for the chauffeur. If a guest wishes to travel with an animal, this information must be included when the booking is made.

Before accepting a booking, be sure to check the Additional Comments section. If the booking information contains a request to transport a live animal and the ride is accepted, it will be assumed that the chauffeur is comfortable travelling with the animal.

Chauffeurs are not obligated to transport animals if this information is not included in the booking notes when the offer is accepted.

If you meet a guest and they are travelling with an animal which was not mentioned in the booking notes and you are unable to transport it, please contact Blacklane immediately. Whatever the situation, do not worry! We will find a solution.

Where possible, any animals in the vehicle should be transported in a suitable crate or mat.

Important information for US Partners:

Please note that in the US, guests travelling with service animals cannot be refused service regardless of whether this information was communicated at the time of booking, nor is it allowed to ask for proof of the animal's status as a service animal (if stated under applicable local laws).

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