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How much luggage can I transport safely for a guest?
How much luggage can I transport safely for a guest?

Baggage guidelines and what to do if a guest arrives with too many or oversized bags, as well as non-transportable items.

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The minimum expected luggage allowance per ride/vehicle, based on vehicle class is:

Vehicle class

Personal Items

Carry on bags allowance

Standard check in luggage allowance

Extra large check in luggage allowance


2 per person/ 6 per vehicle


2 carry on


2 medium check in


1 extra large check in

Business Van

2 per person / 10 per vehicle


12 carry on


8 medium check in


6 extra large check in

Business Van SUV (America only)

2 per person / 10 per vehicle


8 carry on


6 medium check in


4 extra large check in

First Class

2 per person / 6 per vehicle


3 carry on


2 medium check in


1 extra large check in

How we define luggage size:

Please note that these calculations are based on average suitcase sizes as defined by multiple airline baggage policies.

As we cannot guarantee the trim/version of the vehicle model or which vehicle will be used for any given ride, the boot/trunk size was determined by choosing the smallest dimensions option of the smallest vehicle of each vehicle class.

What should I do if a guest has too much luggage to carry?

The above luggage guidelines are also shared with guests, so please bear in mind that you are not obligated to transport any additional bulky items at the expense of the safety of you or others. With this in mind, should a guest arrive with baggage which exceeds the allowance options listed above, you should try to accommodate them, provided it is safe to do so.

Please note: the luggage allowance stated above is the minimum amount expected to be transported for any given ride. Upon meeting the guest, if you believe that they have too many bags to transport safely, please continue to take them to the vehicle so that they can see this for themselves. That said, if a guest arrives with more luggage than is listed in the above guidelines, we should always do our best to accommodate them provided it is safe to do so. If this is not possible, and in case of any issues, please contact the Partner Care team immediately, and if necessary, provide pictures of the excess luggage. Be sure to first advise the guest that you will need to take a picture of their luggage so that Blacklane can find the best solution for them.The team will then call the guest to assist you and inform them of their options.

They may try to arrange additional transport for some of the guests and luggage, and discuss the options with the guest directly. Whatever the situation, do not worry! We will find a solution.

What about smaller bags or items?

Personal items like briefcases, handbags and laptop carriers can remain with the guest in the back seat of the vehicle. Two items per guest are allowed, but please accommodate more if it is safe to do so.

It is not recommended for larger items to be transported on seats, in the back or front of the vehicle.

Additional luggage types

If your guest is transporting other types of luggage like prams/pushchairs, sporting equipment or musical instruments, this information will usually already be available in the additional comments section. Depending on the size of the luggage, a Business Van may be required for this ride.

Please be sure to check the additional comments section before accepting a booking. If the guest mentions that they need to transport some additional luggage, please be sure that you can accommodate the request before accepting the ride. If you need additional information, for example the exact dimensions of the luggage, please reach out to the Partner Care Team, who will contact the guest for further details.

Most large items or additional luggage types can only be transported using a Business Van, and we encourage guests to provide us with this information prior to the day of the pickup.

How should we best accommodate guests traveling with a wheelchair?

Most foldable wheelchairs will fit in the trunk of any vehicle, and take up the space of 1 luggage item. You can find more information on how we can best accommodate travelers with additional requirements here.

What we are not expected to transport

On rare occasions, you may arrive to pick up a guest who wishes to transport something not included in the description of luggage types listed above. Provided the item is not dangerous to transport we should always try to go the extra mile and accommodate the guest’s wishes, unless the item falls into one of the following categories:

  • Open food or drinks, including any perishable foods which are not in sealed packaging

  • Luggage on its own - a guest must be present in the vehicle for the ride

  • Live animals (unless requested and approved in advance)

  • Large or bulky items such as furniture or appliances

  • Items which could damage or soil the vehicle

  • Illegal or dangerous items such as weapons or banned substances

  • Hazardous materials e.g. toxic, poisonous, or corrosive substances

If you have any questions regarding guest luggage before or during a ride, please be sure to reach out to the Partner Care team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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