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How can I update my chauffeur and vehicle info?
How can I update my chauffeur and vehicle info?

Need to change some contact information or updating a plate number? Here's everything you need to keep your partner portal up to date.

Updated over a week ago

If you have admin permissions for your profile, then you can make changes to chauffeur contact information, update access permissions and even disable or deactivate a chauffeur if they are no longer working with your company.

First, access the Partner Portal and click the Chauffeurs tab.

Select the chauffeur you wish to update, including email address, mobile phone number and account permissions, click Details.

To remove the chauffeur from your account, click Disable chauffeur. Please keep in mind that this action cannot be undone. If you need to reactivate a chauffeur at any time, please contact us via chat from your partner portal.

Updating vehicle information

At the moment, vehicle info cannot be updated independently as we need to check any changes against your new documentation. If you want to update a plate number for example, please email us the changes you wish to make, and be sure to upload the corresponding documentation to the Partner Portal. This would include things like a picture of the vehicle and the registration card with the new plate number visible.

Once we have received your email and new documents we would be happy to make these changes for you!

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