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In-app guest chat FAQ
In-app guest chat FAQ

Chauffeurs are now able to message guests within the Blacklane app. Here's how it works!

Updated over a week ago

You and your current guest can now send and receive messages directly in the Blacklane app, reducing the need for phone calls or external messages.

We've created some handy guidelines in this short training module to make sure you're up to speed on this exciting feature, and compiled some frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional queries or feedback we'd love to hear it, so please get in touch with the partner support team via chat anytime!

How do I access the guest chat feature?

To send a message to the guest for your upcoming ride, go to the ride information screen once the 60 min prior pickup button has been pressed. In order for this feature to be supported, please make sure you are using the most recent version of the BL for Chauffeurs app (iOS CHF 3.33.0 and Android CHF 3.29.0) by downloading the latest update from your app store.

When can I contact a guest via chat?

Your guest can be contacted as soon as you have pressed the 60 min prior pickup button for their ride. Once the ride has been marked as finished, the in-app chat feature will no longer be accessible for that guest.

When should I message a guest?

Guests should only be contacted when something unexpected happens during a pick up. For example, if the pick up location is inaccessible or it is not possible to provide a conventional meet and greet at the airport due to restrictions or last minute changes. It is not recommended to message the guest to let them know you have arrived at the pick up location, as the app notifies the guest of your arrival.

How should messages to guests be written?

Messages should be written the same way you would speak to a guest; formal but friendly, polite, and positive. Slang or internal language should not be used. Messages should only be sent when something does not go to plan before you have met the guest.

What should I do if the in-app chat is not working or unresponsive?

If the in-app chat feature is not working, please reach out to the Blacklane customer care team to let them know about the issue. They may also reach out to the guest on your behalf. In cases where you need to contact the guest directly, you may have to call or text them if chat is unavailable.

What should I do if the guest does not respond?

If the guest does not respond to your message, do not repeatedly try to contact them. They will respond when they are able to. If you need to get in touch with the guest but have not heard back from them, please reach out to Blacklane customer care via your app and they will try to call the guest for you.

How will I know when a guest has responded?

You will get a push notification when you receive a new message. Please make sure that the vehicle is at a complete stop and it is safe to check your messages before doing so.

Just so you know, when you send a message to the guest, this is what they will see:

Is guest chat available for on demand rides too?

Unfortunately the guest chat feature is not currently available for on demand rides.

What happens if the guest does not have the chat function activated?

If your guest has not updated their app to have the chat feature installed, you will not be able to see the chat feature for their ride, but the call option will still be available from the extras tab.

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