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More information on the ratings guests give at the end of a ride.

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How can I check my current rating?

Your current rating can be found in the Blacklane Partner Portal.

  • Log in to the Blacklane Partner Portal

  • Click the ‘Ratings’ tab

The ratings page displays guest provided review information for chauffeurs and vehicles, as well as your overall company rating.

Does Blacklane make any changes to my ratings?

Blacklane will only make changes to your rating when it is determined that an incorrect rating was left by the guest.

All bookings rated 4-stars and below are reviewed by our team for accuracy. If we find that a rating does not align with its related comments, it will be removed.

My rating keeps changing. How is it calculated?

The rating you see in your Partner Portal is an average of all finished bookings that have been reviewed by guests across the last 90 days, rounded to the nearest .05. You can find out more information on this here.

How can I find out which booking was rated 4-stars or below?

All bookings rated 4-stars and below are reviewed by our team for accuracy. If a ride rating of 4 stars or below is confirmed, you will receive an incident information request via email containing all of the relevant booking information.

For more information about incidents and how to respond to them, please click here.

How can I improve my rating?

The easiest way to improve your rating is to complete more bookings – the more bookings you complete, the more ratings you can receive. Please ensure you are familiar with Blacklane’s Quality Standards and our Tips and Tricks for 5-star Ratings.

You may also receive a call from our Quality Assurance team. We encourage you to take advantage of this call should you receive one, to discuss anything related to improving the quality level of your service and ratings! Our team is always happy to assist and support you with any questions you may have.

Are ratings ever removed?

Ratings which contradict guest comments are removed. For example, if the guest left a rating of 1 star for the ride but added a positive comment, this would considered as having been made in error and removed from the ride.

We will also reach out to guests when comments are left which are unclear or require further investigation.

If a chauffeur with low ratings is removed from an account, will the company rating improve?

Previous ratings will remain on your account, even if you remove a low rated chauffeur from your team. Remember, ratings are calculated based on the last 90 days, so the removed chauffeur will no longer impact your company rating 90 days after their last completed booking.

For more information on the quality offboarding process, please click here.

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