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The planned and finished rides screens
The planned and finished rides screens

More features of the Blacklane for Chauffeurs app

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You can see an overview of all of your accepted, assigned, and completed rides on these two screens. Tap on a ride in either screen to view the individual rides’ details.

  • Call or chat with our Partner Care Team

  • Call the guest directly (this should only be done if it is past the pickup time, you are waiting at the pickup location, and think the guest can’t find you)

  • Report the guest as a no-show

  • Give a ride back (if it’s more than one hour before the pickup time and you cannot re-assign the ride to a team member, then the next step would be to give the ride back to Blacklane to re-auction)

  • Emergency cancel (this should only be used in the event of an emergency)

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