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How can I upload my profile picture?
How can I upload my profile picture?

Step by step guide on adding your chauffeur image

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It is essential for all chauffeurs to upload a current, clear image of themselves in the Blacklane chauffeur app.

This picture will be visible to guests when a ride is being performed, so it is essential that the guest can identify you as their chauffeur for safety, and convenience.

Your photo in the app is the first impression the guest has of you, so here’s how to make

sure your photo looks as professional and friendly as you are.

Wear your Blacklane suit.

Show guests the dress code and grooming they can expect from you on the day of their ride with a dark suit, matching tie, and a white dress shirt. For more detail on Blacklane attire expectations, see here.

Keep a clear view of your face.

This photo is to help guests recognize you in public, so sunglasses, hats, or any kind of filters or effects on the image will make that difficult.

Ask someone to take the photo for you.

Selfies are great for social media, but they don’t look as professional.

Take a close-up portrait.

Like you would for a passport photo (although we encourage smiling!). The guest will see a small image on their phone, so it’s important that they’ll be able to recognize you from it. You should be front facing, with the picture taken from the chest up.

Take the photo in a well-lit place with a white background.

Guests should be able to easily see your friendly face.

Ensure the photo isn’t blurry.

The ideal photo size is 400 x 400 pixels. Feel free to send large files as long as they are less than 10MB.

Make sure you’re the only person in the photo.

While we love to see your appreciation for your colleagues and family, this time you should be the only star of the show.

Take a color photo.

How to upload your profile picture on the chauffeur app

  1. Go to your profile and tap “Upload” next to the “Add your photo” message.

  2. Review the guidelines.

  3. Take a new photo or upload one you already have that fits the criteria.

  4. Once the photo has been checked and accepted by the Partner Operations team, your photo will become part of your profile.

Once your profile picture has been approved, you will be notified in the chauffeur app. Click 'done' to remove the icon.

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