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Thinking of joining Blacklane?
How do I apply to be a Blacklane partner?
How do I apply to be a Blacklane partner?

How to register as a partner with Blacklane and where to find which documents you will need.

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Click here to start the application process. Select the country and city you are based in or closest to so that you can preview the vehicle and document requirements for your area of operation. Please note that if your city is not listed then unfortunately we are unable to accept partners there for the moment. Don't worry, this list is updated regularly, so please check back with us later if this applies.

Got all the documents and at least one of the vehicles listed? Great! Click the confirmation box at the bottom of the page and provide us with your contact details, and we'll send you a confirmation email which will guide you to creating your account and accessing the onboarding portal.

The onboarding portal will steer you through the remainder of the process, asking you to provide some company information, and the documents mentioned earlier. You will also be asked to complete some chauffeur training modules which will familiarize you with Blacklane's procedures and policies.

Provided we can approve your documentation first time round and your training is complete, it normally only takes a week to get your account up and running! We'll keep in touch with you by email throughout the process so you always know what the next step is.

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