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5-star tips based on customer feedback
5-star tips based on customer feedback

How to provide the best possible service, according to guests

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  • Friendly professionalism: Smiling and being friendly with guests, and those we work alongside, in a professional manner is always appreciated. You don’t need to overdo it, but a chauffeur’s friendliness is often rated as the top reason for higher ride ratings.

  • Safety: Driving smoothly and asking if everyone is comfortable, can go a long way in making guests feel relaxed and safe.

  • Informative: Once you've established that the guest would like to chat, offer some interesting information about the areas you drive through.

  • Politeness: Courteous manners are expected in this industry as standard.

  • Communication: Clear and helpful communication with the guest is vital.

  • Vehicle: Keep your vehicle clean inside and out with all the required amenities - guests appreciate a vehicle which is well taken care of.

  • Radio & Temperature: Remember to ask your guest at the beginning of their journey if they have a preferred radio station and if they are happy with the current temperature of the vehicle. Make sure you have different types of radio stations saved to your favorites in case they ask to listen to sports, classical music, etc.

  • Long journeys: If you are completing a particularly long journey, check if your guest wants to stop at any point to stretch their legs.

  • Pickups: If picking up from a residential address, use Google Maps street view to find the best pickup spot and try to ensure that your guest can board the vehicle from a footpath or sidewalk.

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