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What should I do when I receive an incident information request?
What should I do when I receive an incident information request?

If an incident occurs during a ride we want to resolve the matter as fairly and openly as possible. That’s where your reply comes in!

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Blacklane handles thousands of rides each day, all of which are performed with the highest service standards in the ground transportation industry. Sometimes mishaps can happen during a Blacklane ride. We call these mishaps ‘incidents’.

If an incident occurs during a ride you or a colleague have performed, then you will receive an email from Blacklane that looks like this:

This is the first step in the conversation towards resolving the incident. We want to hear your perspective on what happened during the ride so that we can resolve the matter fairly for everyone involved.

You will notice that the booking number for the ride in question is listed, along with date and time of the pickup. The type of incident and more information about why the incident was created is provided below.

Please reply directly to this email providing as much information as possible about what happened during the ride. You may want to include additional attachments such as screenshots of text/chat conversations, or pictures (for example if a guest brought excess luggage that could not be accommodated).

Once we have received your reply, we will use the information you have provided to determine the best course of action in regards to the incident report. Please remember that this does not mean that the conversation is closed, and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Just one last note, please be aware that we can only discuss incidents in response to incident emails, and will not be able to discuss incidents over chat or another email thread.

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