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Common questions regarding COVID-19

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What is Blacklane doing to help chauffeurs stay safe?

The safety of our guests, chauffeurs, and employees is our top priority. We require all chauffeurs to follow local laws, guidelines and recommendations, especially when it comes to mask use and vaccinations.

We require chauffeurs to disinfect the vehicle after every ride, and strongly recommend avoiding shaking hands with the guest.

Even if it is not mandatory in your city of operation to wear a mask when performing a ride, we recommend having some on hand in case your guest requests one, or requests that their chauffeur wear one. Hand sanitizer should also be available to guests should they require it.

What should I do if I test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Chauffeurs should inform their manager, and then the chauffeur or manager should immediately inform Blacklane. This is important so Blacklane can inform potentially affected guests. The chauffeur may not perform Blacklane rides until testing negative.

Should I still put extras in the car for the guests?

Single-use water bottles are allowed unless restricted by local authorities. Please also have hand sanitizer available for your guests in case they ask for it. Magazines, newspapers and other non-single use items should not be provided.

How should I greet guests?

Greet guests with an open, friendly expression and a warm smile instead of a handshake. This creates a welcoming atmosphere while also respecting their personal space. At the end of the ride, chauffeurs also should not offer a handshake.

Should I still open the car door for guests and handle their luggage?

Yes, guests expect and appreciate chauffeurs opening and closing doors for them as part of the service provided. Chauffeurs should offer to take luggage but be understanding if guests prefer to handle it on their own.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Blacklane’s Customer Care Team via chat so we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

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