Safety Guidelines

Keeping you and your guests safe is everyone's top priority

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Ensuring the safety of our partners and guests is essential. Please make sure all your chauffeurs are familiar with the following recommendations.

Safety first! Chauffeurs should always:

  • Stay healthy, rested, and vigilant. Respect all mandatory breaks and ensure schedules allow for enough rest.

  • Check vehicle condition before each ride: brakes, lights, turn signals, seatbelts, tires, windows, and mirrors. Follow the mandatory vehicle maintenance procedures.

  • Consider any warnings (weather, strikes, terror threats, etc.) that may disrupt traffic or present risk.

  • Allow enough buffer time in your planning to cope with the unexpected, don’t rush.

  • Keep your documents (eg. driver’s license, chauffeur license, health insurance card) and the vehicle documents (eg. vehicle registration, vehicle liability insurance, vehicle maintenance records) with you.

  • Observe all speed limits and ensure compliance with local road traffic regulations.

  • Make sure that you and all guests are using seat belts.

  • Carry basic emergency equipment: first aid kit, emergency vest and triangles, spare tire, snow chains in winter, etc.

Don’t take risks! Chauffeurs should:

  • Always drive safely. There is no situation so urgent that it’s worth putting you and your guests’ safety at risk.

  • Never consume any alcohol or drugs before or during the ride. Doing so is cause for immediate termination of the partnership.

  • Always transport babies or young children in the regulatory seats. If the guest did not request a baby seat upon booking, call us and let us know the local regulations, and we will help you find a solution.

  • Avoid transporting excess luggage in the passenger compartment. If the guest brings more luggage than allowed for their booking, please contact us and we will help you find a solution.

  • Only use your mobile phone while parked or in hands-free mode (unless it is not permitted by local regulations).

If a service cannot be provided safely, please contact the partner care team any time, day or night so we can find a solution. You can reach us via the “Call Blacklane” button in the app, or by calling our local phone number in your city of operation.

Feel free to download a copy of the safety guidelines leaflet below for reference.

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