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What is an activation call?
What is an activation call?

Details on Blacklane's first call to newly added chauffeurs

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Shortly after a new chauffeur has been added to a Blacklane partner account and their profile has been set live (you can find more information on how to do that here), Blacklane will make what is known as an Activation Call.

An activation call is an opportunity for Blacklane and the new crew member to be properly introduced, and to verify some essential bits and pieces of information. In the call, we will confirm:

  • The chauffeur’s name and contact information

  • Basic Blacklane standards, including English language skills and app use

  • Some brief training content

The call is also a chance to ask any questions they may have about being a Blacklane chauffeur, and to discuss expectations when performing their first ride.

For security reasons, we must also ensure we are speaking to the correct person, so we will also ask the chauffeur to confirm the last four digits of their driver’s license number.

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