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How to use the chauffeur app
How to use the chauffeur app

Essential information for chauffeurs.

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In this article you will find the insights about the Blacklane for Chauffeurs app and its functionalities:

The offer screen

On this page, you can view all of the ride offers in your region and accept the ones that suit your schedule best. For every ride, you’ll be able to see the:

  • Date and time

  • Vehicle class

  • Pickup address

  • Dropoff address or ride duration (if it’s an hourly booking)

  • Flight number (for airport transfers)

  • Price of the ride

  • Special requests (if applicable)

Depending on your assigned chauffeur permissions and device, your app may look slightly different. With the ‘Provider’ permissions you can see and accept offers. All chauffeur permissions are discussed further in the Partner Portal training module.

Filter options

Use the filters feature in the top right hand corner of the offers screen to see only the rides that work best for you. You can filter by:

  • Vehicle class

  • Date

  • Location

  • Ride type

For example, if you have an airport dropoff, you can filter the offers by “airport pickups” with your desired date, so you can line up another ride for the way back into town.. This saves you time and optimizes your schedule planning.

The overview screen

Here you can find:

  • Special announcements from Blacklane

  • Your average rating, which you can tap to see a more detailed breakdown, including your current streak of double five-star ratings

Profile page

There are two important features you can access from this page:

  • Profile picture - Update your profile with a photo in the app by clicking on ‘Upload’. This will boost guest confidence and avoid no-shows and missed pickups by making it easier for them to find you.

  • Selecting a default vehicle - You can select a vehicle that will be automatically assigned to your future rides. This will prevent you from having to specify your vehicle for every new ride you perform.

The 60 minute prior pick up button

It is extremely important to always press the “60min prior pick up” button between 60 and 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Why?

  • It triggers a text message to the guest with the chauffeur’s name and contact details and lets the guest know that you’ll be arriving soon.

  • It informs Blacklane that you are heading to the pickup location.

  • If you forget to press this button on time, it may lead to the booking being canceled or re-assigned to a different partner. This would result in costs for both you and Blacklane.

If you have to leave more than 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time to get to the pickup location, please contact Partner Care via chat or phone and inform them that you will be pressing the “60min prior pick up” button early.

The planned and finished rides screens

You can see an overview of all of your accepted, assigned, and completed rides on these two screens. Tap on a ride in either screen to view the individual rides’ details.

When looking at the individual ride details under the planned rides details screen, you can click on the “Extras” tab which will give you the options to:

  • Call or chat with our Partner Care Team

  • Call the guest directly (should only be done if it is past the pickup time, you are waiting at the pickup location, and suspect they can’t find you)

  • Report the guest as a no-show

  • Give a ride back (if it’s more than one hour before the pickup time and you cannot re-assign the ride to a team member, then the next step would be to give the ride back to Blacklane to re-auction)

  • Emergency cancel (should only be used in the worst case scenario and if within one hour of the pickup time)

Only users with the “Dispatcher” permission can assign rides to other chauffeurs. Users with only the “Driver” permission will only be able to see and conduct rides that have been assigned to them.

Emergency cancellation

If the worst happens and you can no longer perform a ride you’ve committed to, first check if any other chauffeurs on your team can. If not, go to the “Extras” tab and tap “Give ride back”.

Chauffeur hailing (only available in selected districts)

This tab shows on-demand ride offers with pickups within minutes and is the perfect option for filling gaps in your schedule. It’s important to remember to set yourself to active or inactive based on your availability. You can find more information on chauffeur hailing here.

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