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How is my data/the data of my chauffeurs secured?
How is my data/the data of my chauffeurs secured?
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Data is secured on AmericanChecked servers. AmericaChecked’s application and your data reside on modern high-availability servers, protected by multi-level firewall and intrusion detection technology.

External and Internal vulnerability scans are conducted on a regular basis by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor. All Information Assets are protected by Anti-Virus software and continuously monitored by a Managed SIEM solution.

All data is encrypted at rest. All data transmission to and from the servers is encrypted via SSL Certificates featuring SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

Full system backups are performed nightly. Incremental backups are performed on a continuous basis throughout the day. Backup system copies are encrypted and immediately moved to an equally secure and geographically distant facility on a daily basis. A formal Disaster Recovery process is in place and tested on a regular basis.

AmericanChecked's developers employ a three-tiered development environment that follows strict Change Management procedures for both the application and system infrastructure. Additionally, they enforce comprehensive Information Security, Data Loss Prevention, Capacity Management, Patch Management and Vendor Management policies.

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