What is Blacklane doing to help chauffeurs stay safe?

The safety of our guests, chauffeurs, and employees is our top priority.

We require chauffeurs to wear masks during rides and have advised them all to get vaccinated. We have asked all chauffeurs who suspect they may be sick to not perform any rides, and they will not face consequences for being unable to take guests. Once you inform us of your illness, you must not take guests for 14 days or until you receive a doctor’s permission.

Blacklane requires that chauffeurs disinfect vehicles prior to each ride, replace handshakes with a slight bow, and offer masks and hand sanitizer to guests who need them. We also have directed chauffeurs to remove reading material from seatbacks.

We are maintaining regular communication on chauffeur and guest safety. If we receive notification of any guest testing positive for coronavirus, we will inform the partner whose company performed the ride.

Are guests and I supposed to wear a face mask during the ride?

Chauffeurs are still required to wear a simple face mask or cloth covering the mouth and nose, unless one cannot do so for medical reasons. Guests are no longer obligated to wear a face covering, however, you can still offer them one in case they would like to.

This practice will protect chauffeurs and future guests, as more than 20% of infected people show no symptoms and could spread the virus unknowingly.

Should we install protective shields / partition screens in our cars?

Dividers between the rear passenger seats and the front seats will not prevent air circulating in the vehicle, but they may limit the spread of contagious droplets. We do not require them, but we encourage our partners to use them if they abide by local safety regulations. In case authorities remove the obligation to wear face masks, these screens will give you a lasting safety benefit. We will then likely request it for long distance rides.

Before installing such screens, please:

  • Check for subsidies you could apply for and

  • Check relevant safety regulations with your local authorities, e.g.:

Please help us to find relevant information from your region, which we will share with the crew in this FAQ:

What type of sanitizer should we use?

Hand sanitizer and disinfectants should be virucide. Most sanitizers contain concentrated alcohol, which may have these unintended side effects:

  • The alcohol or solvent might dissolve and damage plastic and other materials or leave stains, including on leather

  • Evaporated alcohol in high concentration could intoxicate you and affect your ability to drive. Always have sufficient fresh air when using it.

  • Alcohol is flammable. If it evaporates in the car, a spark could ignite it. Never leave bottles of open disinfectant in your car when leaving it in the sun.

  • For hand sanitizer, you could use single-wrapped disinfectant wipes or tissues. This would also help if otherwise disinfectant bottles “disappear” too often.

Your local health authorities might provide lists of recommended materials. Here are recommendations from Canada and the United States CDC and EPA.

What should I do if I test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Chauffeurs should inform their manager, and then the chauffeur or manager should immediately inform Blacklane. This is important so Blacklane can inform potentially affected guests. The chauffeur may not perform Blacklane rides for 14 days or until receiving a doctor’s permission.

What is an intercity ride?

Blacklane now offers guests long-distance all-inclusive rates between popular pairs of cities within a six-hour driving distance. Guests can book one-way and round trips with special terms and conditions. For example, rides must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance and stops to pick up more guests are prohibited. You will see these rides in the auction system labeled as “Long-distance rides” so you can better plan your schedule. If rides crossing country or regional borders conflict with new travel regulations, please let Blacklane know immediately.

How many guests can ride in each vehicle class for an intercity trip?

The same vehicle capacities apply for all rides, intercity or otherwise:

Business Class, First Class, and Electric Class: max. 3 guests, 2 pieces of luggage

Business Van/SUV: max. 5 guests, 5 pieces of luggage.

What is a long distance ride?

Long distance rides refers to any one way ride 200 km or more.

What should I do about stops or breaks on longer rides?

We require that chauffeurs follow all local labor laws regarding driving time and breaks.

Can we accept rides in the destination city after a city-to-city trip?

No. Blacklane will try to find a matching intercity ride to your home city.

Should I still put extras in the car for the guests?

Chauffeurs must remove magazines, newspapers, and any dispensable items. Single-use water bottles and one of each type of candy are allowed unless restricted by local authorities. Chauffeurs must sanitize unopened water bottles and candies after a ride. Please also offer hand sanitizer to your guests.

How should I greet guests?

Chauffeurs should welcome guests with a slight bow instead of a handshake. If guests are not wearing face masks, then you can ask them if they would like their own. At the end of the ride, chauffeurs also should not offer a handshake.

Should I still open the car door for guests and handle their luggage?

Yes. Guests will expect and appreciate chauffeurs opening and closing doors so they do not have to touch them. Chauffeurs should offer to take luggage but be understanding if guests prefer to handle it on their own.

Can I give a ride back without receiving a penalty?

Yes, chauffeurs may give rides back without consequences in the unfortunate case that you show symptoms of an infection or a cold. Please select the “Health Reasons” category when you give a ride back and leave a respective comment. In case you show symptoms, we expect you to fully recover and stay at home for 14 days, or inform us if you were tested negative on COVID-19 to return to work.

Will payments be affected?

Blacklane will continue to pay with our standard process, with no changes or interruptions.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Blacklane’s Customer Care Team so we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

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