1. Go to your Partner Portal and click the Chauffeurs tab, then 'Add Chauffeur'.
  2. Once the chauffeur's details have been added and their permissions selected, they will receive an email inviting them to create a password and complete the prerequisite chauffeur training.
  3.  If you wish to add a new vehicle to your account, please do so as above via your Partner Portal and select the Vehicles tab and then 'Add Vehicle’.
  4. Input the requested details for the vehicle. Please note that only accepted models, production years and vehicle colours will be available from the drop down tabs. The service class will be applied automatically based on the model selected. 
  5. In your chauffeur/vehicle list the status of the new addition will be set to 'On Hold'. In order to proceed with registration, please select the chauffeur/vehicle from the list and click 'Documents'. Please upload each requested document, making sure to include the expiry date if requested.
  6. Once we have received and approved these documents, we will be able to set their status to live in both the app and Partner Portal. You will receive notification of this by email.

*Please bear in mind that only partners with Admin permission can add new chauffeurs/vehicles to an account.  

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