As a Blacklane partner, you provide safe, reliable transportation to ensure loyal customers and sustainable business. When you accept a ride, you agree to ensure your chauffeurs adhere to these standards. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Chauffeur and Vehicle


Use a hands-free phone or pull over to take a call. Please prioritize our calls or call us back when it’s safe.


Be professional, courteous, and positive. Avoid sensitive topics and do not force conversation.


Never share any private guest information or the details of our partnership.

Dress code 

Dress professionally: dark suit, button-up shirt, tie, and polished shoes.


Do not solicit Blacklane customers for further business.

Special request

Ensure you can fulfill any requests in the booking before accepting it (e.g. child seat,wheelchair).

Luggage capacity

Keep the luggage compartment empty to accommodate guests’ luggage.


Provide bottled water and, if possible, tissues, mints/gum,and Wi-Fi.

Booking & Operations


Only accept rides you are 100% sure you can perform. Always consider wait time and special requests.

Using the auction system

Choose rides that fit your schedule and costs. Do not call us to negotiate prices, we will contact you if needed.

Using the app

Correct app usage updates guests and affects your bonus. Review the training modules for instructions.

Withdrawing from rides

You must perform all accepted rides. If you can’t, call us and recommend a replacement chauffeur if possible.

Reviewing extras

Review additional distance or wait time for rides within 24 hours of the ride’s completion.


Please review your invoices promptly and inform us of any errors or necessary adjustments.

Operating Requirements


Before registering a new chauffeur or vehicle, ensure they have all required licenses and insurance.

Chauffeur assignment

Only send the chauffeur assigned to the ride in Blacklane’s system. Ensure the chauffeur uses the app.

English-language skills

Ensure all chauffeurs speak enough English to have a basic conversation with international guests.

Vehicle assignment

Vehicles must be clean, in good condition, and match the booked service class. Upgrades from Business Class to vans may require our approval.

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