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Incident types and Agreed Costs (Service Failures)
Incident types and Agreed Costs (Service Failures)
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Blacklane partners with service providers to supply thousands of rides each day, all of which are performed with the highest service standards in the ground transportation industry. We recognize that incidents do occasionally occur, and these are handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure partners know Blacklane’s customer service policy and the costs that Blacklane and the partner will incur as a result of various service-related adjustments. We know this will lead to sustainable business for both our partners and for us.

If an incident occurs during a ride booked via Blacklane, the Framework Cooperation and Transportation Services Agreement reserves the right for us to adjust the remuneration payable to our partners as a reflection of the costs Blacklane may incur in relation to the incident. Among others, the adjustments may cover customer retention vouchers and handling effort. In the case of recurring or severe incidents, a temporary offline setting or a termination of the contract may apply.


Payment for the ride

Agreed Costs

Chauffeur asked for tip (2)

25% + handling

Chauffeur charged for ride in cash (2)

100% + handling Fee

Chauffeur is late for pick up

50% off + handling fee

Dangerous driving style

50% off + handling fee

Harmful behavior

100% off + handling fee

Local health safety infraction

10% + handling fee

Behavior that does not meet professional standards

50% off + handling fee

Lacked service standards

25% off + handling fee

Lost or damaged item during the ride

Case specific

Missing baby seat

50% off + handling fee

No pickup due to partner

50% off + handling fee

No ride confirmation 60m ahead of PUT, not reachable, causing backup booking

Costs for the backup + handling fee

Other (details in comment)

Case specific

Solicitation, price collusion, or disclosing private information (FCTSA breach)

Contractual penalty for breach of contract

Unauthorized subcontracting of ride (3, 6)

100% + handling fee

Vehicle state lacked agreed quality standards

25% off + handling fee

Wrong class vehicle sent

50% off + handling fee

Wrong review of extras sent

Correction of wrong review + handling fee

Giving back a ride

20% of ride price

[1] Handling Fee is charged to account for Blacklane’s amount of effort and time required to resolve the issue resulting from the incident.

[2] In case the driver received the payment for the ride from the passenger, we will adjust the remuneration payable to the partner in the next invoice.

[3] If driver was not specified in the system or agreed with Blacklane.

[4] The costs for a short notice backup booking can be higher than the payment for the ride.

[5] This is to reimburse for the retention vouchers we give to the passengers. The percentage is based on the driver price, not on the passenger price. It will be the percentage or maximum 100 EUR (except for hourly bookings), whichever is lower.

[6] This is a safety issue. In case partners cannot fulfill their duties on their own, partners shall give back rides (see Incident Type H) and, optionally, recommend another Blacklane registered partner to take over the ride.

[7] When a partner accepts a ride, this is a binding contract. In case the partner cannot fulfill the contract, Blacklane will try to support the partner as much as possible, but the additional costs for the backup will be conveyed to the partner. In case Blacklane cannot find a new driver for the ride, it will be considered a no pickup. Incident Type K will then apply. If there are any questions regarding this overview, please email us at

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