Before the ride:

Account for requests and wait time
Fulfill any special requests. For airport pickups, track flights and adjust pickup times accordingly, maintaining the buffer time between landing and pickup.

Dress professionally
Dark suit, tie, white button up shirt and polished shoes.

Safety standards & Cleanliness
Ensure your vehicle meets safety standards, that it is clean and does not smell. Only Blacklane branding visible.

Vehicle Assignment
Ensure the right chauffeur and vehicle are assigned to the ride.

60min button
Push ‘60 min prior pick up’ 60 to 90 mins prior to pickup time.

“Emergency Cancel” button usage
Only press “Emergency Cancel” if an emergency causes the chauffeur to be unable to make it to the pickup on time and unable to call us. We will then call the chauffeur.



At the pickup:

Arrive early
Arrive 10 minutes early to the pickup location and press the corresponding app button to inform the guest and Blacklane. 

Digital pickup sign
Use the pickup sign provided in the confirmation email and app. Use a tablet to display it.

If the guest can’t be found after attempts to contact them, call us for authorization to leave the site.

Greet the guest
Say, “Welcome (“to CITY” if relevant), Ms./Mr./Mx. (NAME), I am your Blacklane chauffeur. We are driving to (DESTINATION), correct? Allow me to take your luggage.”

Assist the guest
Open the doors for the guests and stow any luggage or assistive devices.



During the ride:

Music and temperature
Ask the guest if they would like any music or temperature adjustments.

Estimate arrival
Tell the guest an estimated arrival time, taking potential traffic into account.

Passenger on board
Push ‘Passenger on board’ before starting the engine.

Safety first
Drive safely, abide by regulations, avoid distractions,and avoid calls when guests are present.

Take the best route
Know the area, but use GPS when appropriate. Inform the guest that any extra stopovers or wait time will incur additional charges.



End of the ride:

Confirm dropoff location
Confirm with the guest that it’s the right destination. Let them out on the appropriate side of the street.

All-inclusive payment
Fees, tolls, etc. are included and paid digitally — do not take cash payment for rides and do not ask for tips. 

Drop off the guest
Open the doors and bring luggage to the curb. Check if the guest forgot anything, and if so, contact us. 

Saying goodbye
Say, “Thank you for riding with Blacklane today. I hope you enjoyed your ride and that we’ll see you again soon. Have a good day.”

Post drop-off inspection
Inspect the vehicle after drop-off to remove any trash, clean spots, etc.

Finished ride
Push the "Finished ride" button after the guest has reached their destination.

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